Brighterra is an independent Management Consulting company specializing in SAP vendor selection and SAP implementations for Energy, Water, and Energy Retail Utility Companies.

Brighterra provides senior management and project leadership with expert counsel, leadership, collaboration, and innovative solutions through the most compelling of problems. We offer exceedingly competent hands-on support and personal guidance that results in seamless transitions in upgrading or transforming your current information technology systems.
Based in Southwest, Florida and founded in 2011, Brighterra’s utility roots run deep. Founder and CEO Michael Rose has been trained in SAP for Utilities since its inception in 1998. He has over 20 years of experience globally providing quality consulting and management services to the energy industry. Brighterra employs it’s talents with a single focus, client success. Our economical, reliable, and efficient strategies improve customer service. Let Brighterra’s extensive expertise help your company to facilitate their next utility project.

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